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Hi everyone. I'm continuing the offer for free node.js hosting. I've had gotten a lot of interest in these node.js servers since I started this blog and I've decided to extend the offer for a while longer. I'm offering these servers now on Debian and Ubuntu. Let me know if you're interested in trying one out!


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*Sorry, corrected the email address below.  Too much caffine. You can also contact me via this blog from the menu at the top.  --thanks.

As promised I have 4 node.js servers available for testing. More to come after the first round of feed-back. Access to these servers will be free until September 1, 2010. I will extend it a month if requested, but if it's not being used, I'd like to free it up for someone else at that time.

Still experimenting with the configuration, so if you want/need something different, let me know!

If you're interested in a test drive, send an email to me, lmcnutt (at) pinpointcontent (dotcom), with the following info:

1. Your Name,
2. Email Contact Address,
3. Special requirements or questions and suggestions.

Please, take advantage of this and lets start a feed-back loop so I can build better stuff!



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Welcome to my first post. I started this blog to help wrangle my thoughts about node.js and to hopefully learn a lot more about it.  My time is, like everyone else's, limited greatly.  Taking on another "project" worries me some, but this one seems different than a few my previous time killers.  To be honest, node.js just popped into my life via a friend of mine.  I'm sure I was like, "huh?".  Then I started checking around and got really interested in what I was reading. Interested enough, in fact, to dedicate some of my hosting resources to building out a few node capable Linux servers.

I'm building out these servers hoping I can get enough developers interested enough in node.js to give it try. Yes, eventually, I want to charge for providing these hosting environments.  For now, I want to setup a couple dozen of these servers and just let it bake.  For free.

My short term goal here is to learn what it really takes to be a good hosting provider for node.js application servers.  Another goal I have, being a developer myself, is to see what it is capable of when it comes to serving/streaming HTML5 content. I'm sure I'll satisfy the later before the former.

I'm sure these posts will continue and hopefully I can get some feedback from the community on what these servers would ideally look like.